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Face Paint York, serving Yorkshire and beyond,
with Exceptional Face & Body Art

Our service is bespoke to your event, friendly and so so joyful.

We cater to a wide range of occasions, and have buildable packages to suit your needs. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, all the more reason to get in touch. We love usual requests as well as the classics.

I'm Alex and I'm here to make people smile.

All kinds of people, at all sorts of occasions – and it’s wonderful. It all started with one little girl. My niece – Penelope.

Penelope, among other things, loves life, and colour, and glitter.. and me! (Not necessarily in that order…) One day we were playing with a tiny supermarket Face Paint palette, it came with those scratchy little brushes, and we made a big mess, but you’ve never seen a happier little girl. I decided this was my new mission…

I knew I had a few years while she was young to get some Face Painting skills up to scratch. Once I started I couldn’t stop. I hoovered up tutorials, courses, product reviews, new skills and expanded my kit the deeper I delved. I wanted to reproduce the best I could see out there, from some of the most acclaimed painters in the world.

I practiced and I practiced and I practiced. Years later I was in the park with Penelope and my lovely sister Victoria, we were having cake and sandwiches on a picnic rug, and I was painting our little one’s face, when she looked in the mirror she squealed, clapped and laughed with joy.

A nearby Mum heard the commotion and asked if I’d paint her daughter too. She was even more thrilled than Penelope, that was it, I set about on my new mission – to create as much of that joy as I could, for as many people as possible, of all ages.


Just wow!!

What a beautiful, kind and incredibly talented woman!!

She makes this look so easy, and her work is beautiful! I didn’t need to provide anything. The kiddos all loved what she painted on them and of course how can we forget more colours of glitter than the rainbow!

I’d 100% hire again. Perfect!


Whatever the occasion, we bring
your guests together, with something
fun, original and unique.

Want to get everyone talking and laughing? You’re in the right place. 

Our philosophy is that ANY chance to make memories and to come together, should be truly treasured. Come alive and spread the joy.

Don’t leave it too long to enquire, we do have a tendency to book up key dates months in advance. There isn’t a pushy sales person at the end of the phone, just Alex, she’s lovely and she’s more than happy to chat about what you have coming up, and how we could make it extra special.

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