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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Please see the Packages & Experiences page. We know you have a hundred things to do so we’ve listed prices to help as much as possible with your event planning. Some elements do need to be calculated separately, such as travel costs or evening bookings, which have a separate tarif.

But please do browse to get an idea. Then get in touch with your specifics and if needed we’ll polish up a final quote bespoke for you.

More often than you’d think! We travel to wherever we’re needed – travel fees may apply, more details on that further down the page…

Our minimum booking is two hours, unless you are booking a package containing AirBrush Tattooing or an evening event. In those cases our minimum booking is three hours.

Of course. Just ask for 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 hours etc…

Absolutely! We’re available for as long as you need us, though we do have a separate tariff for evening bookings, which will kick in for later hours.

It is general best practice not to paint under 3s, as they can be wiggly (not ideal when wielding paintbrushes) and aren’t as able to comprehend what is happening, or resist the temptation to touch their designs while they’re being applied or drying.

However, if you have an interested little one who has had a patch test and seems more than happy to be painted, we’ll certainly decide on an individual basis.

All of our products, from paints, to glitters, to airbrush inks are professional grade, and have been lab tested and approved for use on the skin.

Our paints are all water based, barring our Airbrush Temporary Tattoo Inks which are alcohol based for longevity. Water based paints should wash off the skin with gentle soap and water, and from fabrics in a general wash, though some colours may leave a tint/stain which may require further washes to remove entirely.

When Airbrush Tattooing with alcohol based paints we guard clothing etc with paper towels, to prevent transfer.

To secure your booking we take a (minimum) 25% deposit. You can pay up to the full balance of course should you prefer to at time of booking. In the alternative, following payment of your 25% deposit you can pay the remaining balance by cash/card on the day, prior to the service commencing.

There is no travel fee for venues within 5 miles of York’s historic and central Cathedral – York Minster. Outside this area travel fees do apply, and are calculated as follows:

Using a Maps App (eg Google Maps) look up the distance between York Minster and your venue as a car journey. In this example we’ll use a location 12 miles away.

Double that number of miles to calculate the “round trip” (24 miles) . Now minus 10 miles – the freebie zone (14 miles remaining). Lastly multiply your remaining miles by £0.85 to obtain your travel fee (14*0.85 = £11.90)

Yes to both, for an additional fee we can supply cover for the duration of our visit. Just mention cover when you get in touch.

You can rest assured you’ll always get our best price, as we never use promo/discount codes or have “sales”.

Yes. Public and Products Liability Cover. Certification can be povided.

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