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Face Painting has come a long way.

Gone are the days of splodgy dogs, huge purple butterflies, and stripy tigers which looked like a cross between a traffic cone and a military target…. At Face Paint York we’ve been studying this fine art for over a decade, and we check in with the industry daily to keep up with the best in the business. Their beauty, variety and skill.


All our paints are recognised professional brands (Snazaroo, DiamondFX, Tag, Global.. to name but a few).

As such they all have undergone rigorous lab testing to ensure their safety and suitability. We buy only from recognised retailers (small business where we can). All our Face Paints are water based. When you see our selection you’ll see straight away, that we treat you to the best blends, the gentlest ombres, the punchiest neons and the brightest whites. We’ve tried them all and we know what works and how to get the best out of the rainbow.


From classics to the latest Marvel, we look for what will work at your event.

Adding cool tricks and flicks to bring your designs to life. You’ll find everything you’re expecting, from Ninja Turtles and Pirates, to Princess Crowns and Unicorns, but, it doesn’t stop there…. Add in our teen and grown up designs, Island Fever, Festival Swirls, Cascading Flowers, Graphic Neons. Be it face, arm or body painting.. There’s something for everyone around this table.


“Alex was absolutely amazing! Her face painting skills are absolutely brilliant. The kids absolutely loved her and we’re all thrilled with their face paintings. She is such a lovely person too. Cannot recommend highly enough!”



Some people assume painting is just for the little ones -
I can't tell you how wrong this is...

Half of my time is spent gloriously contradicting that belief. I believe art, and particularly this kind of art, is a necessary tonic for us big kids. We need the colour, we need the giggle, the joy and the escape. And most of the time we need extra glitter.

Give me enough time and I’ll move through your event like a colourful cloud – the girls, the boys, the mums, the teens, the dads, grandma, grandad, cousin Dave, Auntie Claire, the hen, the bride, the ushers, the bridesmaids, the birthday VIP, the boss, Gemma in Accounts, Phil from IT… This celebration doesn’t stop once you turn 8 years old.. it’s just beginning.

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