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Children's parties, wedding anniversaries, engagements, garden parties, house warmings, birthdays, summer BBQs...

…any excuse to get to get together with friends and family – how do you make it extra special?
Just add Face Paint York.

We want every family to be able to enjoy these magical moments, and so we have a number of packages to suit any family occasion

Family celebrations have such a breadth of attendees.

The little ones, teens, epic parents, giddy friends of the family and Grandparents. Rest assured Face Paint York draws everyone into the fun.

Who doesn’t want to see Grandad as a pirate for the day and Mum transported to Coachella with sophisticated ombre paints and glamourous glitter work? Book the biggest package you can, and let us enchant everyone in these special moments when we can all come together and celebrate.

Head to our Packages & Prices page to browse your amazing options.

Here's what we can do

We have at our disposal a full orchestra of professional grade paints...

…including ombre, rainbow and glow (uv reactive/super bright). Add to that truck loads of cosmetic and chunky festival glitters, our famous Face Bling & 3D Pieces and even Airbrush Realistic Temporary Tattoos! This service draws everyone in, first the girls, then the boys, then the ladies and then the gents. We pride ourselves on having something for everyone.

With Face Paint York on the guest list – we know we’re having an extraordinary kind of day.


All our products are lab tested and or FDA/EC approved for cosmetic use and we take safety very seriously ensuring our work area and hygiene practices are neat as a pin.

Our set up includes a photo area and a reel of all designs sent to
the event organiser, for later distribution and enjoyment.




If needed (space permitting) we can even provide a 3m x 3m gazebo and or extra large umbrella, for shade or cover during our visit.


“We hired Alex for our daughters 5th birthday party and she was totally amazing! She had a steady stream of faces to paint for 2 hours and was so lovely with all the children. They absolutely loved her and all looked amazing. She even squeezed in some mums and grandmas at the end! I would thoroughly recommend Alex to anyone.”


Get in touch and tell
us about your party

We'll find the perfect way to add unforgettable colour and sparkle, to make it such a special day.

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