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Pregnancy is such a unique experience, with days ranging from the sublime to the exasperating...

Capturing it in a calm, relaxing and beautiful way is a truly special memory.
If you’re Mum, or looking to treat a Mum, we have just the thing… 

Bump Painting is here to stay

It's been over the pond for decades...

…and the UK is finally enjoying this relaxed and beautiful art just as much as our American and European Mammas. By far our calmest and gentlest experience – Bump Painting is a beautiful way to celebrate the wonder of your body, and what it has achieved.

All our paints are recognised brands (Snazaroo, DiamondFX, Tag, Global.. to name but a few). As such they all have undergone rigorous lab testing to ensure their safety and suitability. We buy only from recognised retailers (small business where we can). All our paints are water based. When you see our selection you’ll see straight away, that we treat you to the best blends, the gentlest ombres, the most glorious pallets and the brightest whites. We’ve tried them all and we know what works and how to get the best out of the rainbow.

Our brushes and sponges are a soft playground for baby, following our gentle strokes they seem to play, and enjoy the day along with us. Though of course they’ll have to wait to see the beautiful designs you chose at this special moment in your time together. Special bonus? Photography is included.

DESIGNS: Just like your baby’s teeny fingerprints, every paint is special and unique. We can guide you with experience and our library of designs, to find exactly what speak to you. Classic pink and blue bows, cascading flowers under blue skies, teddy bears, balloons or calm seas & dolphins to name but a few…

"Mum & Bump"*

Private painting experience - Just Mum, artist & bump - £120

"Mum, Bump & Co"**

Painting at the baby shower celebration - £120

Both are fabulous, capturing unique and lasting memories at a special time in Mum & Baby’s lives. We’ll also take a suite of beautiful pictures for you as we go, to preserve the day forever. A little more detail on each below…


*The “Mum & Bump” experience – Just us & Mum 

This package is two hours, with plenty of time to spare if baby is having a wriggle party, or wants Mum to take a little walk-about, or rest.
Two or three bump designs (depending on time & complexity) along with photos and hand-painting to compliment.
Think cups of tea, gentle brush strokes and a welcome bit of time to sit back, pop your feet up and watch your amazing body
transform into a piece of art. We come to you.

**“Mum, Bump & Co” experience.

If a baby shower is afoot we’ll join you with our “Mum, Bump & Co” experience – a fabulous excuse to stay sat down, and have friends and family dash about and do. At two hours this package has time for 1-2 bump designs (depending on time and complexity) as well as matching eye or hand designs for up to 8 guests. Photography included.


All our products are lab tested and or FDA/EC approved for cosmetic use and we take safety very seriously ensuring our work area and hygiene practices are neat as a pin.

Our set up includes a photo area and a reel of all designs sent to
the event organiser, for later distribution and enjoyment.




If needed (space permitting) we can even provide a 3m x 3m gazebo and or extra large umbrella, for shade or cover during our visit.


“Absolutely brilliant. Would highly recommend!!!”


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